Stephen B. Reid, M.Ed. - Founder and CEO of SBREIDPRODUCTIONS
Stephen B. Reid copy.png

Stephen has over 31 years in the entertainment industry.  He has a broad and in-depth array of experiences, ranging from broadcasting engineer, technical director, editor, working with camera and sound, sports production, voice-overs, acting, scriptwriting and coverage.

For the bulk of his career Stephen worked with 20th Century Fox, he also worked with Greenline Productions, and as an independent contractor with a variety of agencies.


While Stephen has been writing and doing script coverage for many years, he formed Sbreid Productions in 2014 with the intention of creating a new wave of quality films for the 21st Century.

Working mostly in the genres of mystery drama, romantic comedies, romance, sci-fi and adventure, Stephen's goal is to produce movies that are relevant to the 21st Century, that reflect the complexity, diversity of life and also the desire people have for quality entertainment.


As Stephen put it, "I want to create movies that will have you coming away from the experience saying WOW!"



Stephen started his screenwriting independently, drawing on his keen sense of imagination and creativity. He actively sought out opportunities to further his talent and trade by attending Boston Film and Video in Boston, Robert McKees Seminars in LA, and various editing workshops in New York, and has been actively engaged in a variety of writing groups. 


As a result, he had written several screenplays prior to being accepted into Emerson College's prestigious Screenwriting Program.

Stephen also has a Master's degree in Education from Cambridge College.


Stephen is currently working on the production of “It Happened on Tuesday” and “107 Fort Hill Street”.