PHILLIP B. GOLDFINE is the founder of Hollywood Media Bridge, a film and television studio based on the Universal Pictures lot, in Hollywood, California, with over 75 film credits, five television series, an Emmy winner and Executive Producer on the 2014 Oscar winning documentary, THE LADY IN NUMBER 6: Music Saved My Life.


In television, his show LAWMAN was the highest-rated launch in A&E history when it premiered, and SEAL TEAM 6, the multi Emmy nominated film was also the highest-rated film when it premiered on National Geographic.


Phil has worked with talent as far-ranging as Oscar winner Hilary Swank to Katherine Heigl, Jack Black, Wesley Snipes, Dolph Lundgren, Ray Liotta, Val Kilmer, Steven Seagal, Denise Richards and Barbara Eden to name a few of the actors he worked with over the years.

Prior to his work as a producer, Phil worked at Twentieth Century Fox for legendary executive, Peter Chernin, and at New Line for the iconic Bob Shaye where he worked on movies like THE MASK and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, to Trimark a studio specializing in genre films and comedy before setting up Hollywood Media Bridge. 


He has worked with all the major film studios and television networks. From Sony, Universal, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney, MGM, Paramount, and emerging distributors, Netflix, Red Box and in television, CBS, REELZ, A&E and National Geographic.